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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Parts Repair and Garage Door Panels Replacement


Whether you’ve had your existing garage door for decades or just a few years, it’s important to maintain it to ensure optimal operation. When a garage door doesn’t operate as it should, it not only presents an inconvenience but it also poses a safety threat. That’s why you should have a trusted source on your side when it comes to garage door repair and panel replacement. Why is garage door repair and replacement so important? We’ll go over some of the ways.

  • Structural Integrity
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Curb Appeal



Structural Integrity

Maintaining the proper operation of your door is crucial when it comes to supporting the structure of your garage. A garage door that is not working correctly can compromise the structural integrity of the garage itself, as well as allow elements into your garage, such as rain, snow and even unwanted critters. When the structure of your garage is compromised, so is the safety of all occupants. A high-quality garage door will also provide soundproofing when necessary, as well as keep the heat in during winter and the cool in during summer.


Residential garage doors provide so much more than an entry way for your vehicle. They provide a last line of defense for burglars and invaders. Because criminals are aware that garage doors aren’t typically as secure as front and side doors, they often choose this as the entry of choice. They can easily gain entry to your home in this manner and pose a threat to your family. Even if you have a detached garage, you want to protect your car, tools, equipment and other valuables stored there. This means you should have a durable, high-quality garage door that can provide protection in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.


A broken garage door can pose a threat to the safety of your family — children and pets in particular. Sadly, about three deaths per year occur in children due to malfunctioning garage doors, with many others experiencing brain injuries and other physical injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Making sure you have a well-made, properly operating garage door can help prevent these accidents from happening.

Curb Appeal

Replacing the whole door or at least the exterior garage door panels can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Your garage is often the focal point of the house, drawing the eye by all passers-by. If it’s in disrepair, fading, broken or outdated, it will affect the look of the rest of the home; by incorporating the latest design elements into your garage door, you not only improve the aesthetics of your abode, but you also boost its value.


From roller to sectional garage doors, in a variety of styles and materials, your garage door is an important facet to your New Jersey home. If your garage door is broken, not latching correctly, or failing to open properly, call the local garage Door Master today for garage door repairs or just to replace any damaged parts.

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